What is home?
5th grade artists explore the concept of home through abstract art
Because words can serve as a powerful starting point for artwork, our class started this project by defining “home” in one word. This process was challenging for several reasons. First, it was difficult to think of a definition that reached beyond the literal. We came up with definitions like, “Home is a place where you live.” Second, it was difficult to stick to our one word rule. We came up with definitions that were four or five words long. But as we talked more, we got better at coming up with one word definitions that communicated a strong message. In order to create a successful definition, we realized that it helped to pull from our own experiences with home. Here are some of our final definitions:
Home is…
quiet, lovely, base, generational, safe, comfortable, dangerous, love, paradise,
peaceful, heroic, strong.
After our group brainstorming session, we looked at related work by professional artists to understand how those artists use line, shape, color, and pattern to communicate a message or feeling. We discussed the difference between realistic and abstract art, how abstract art is often really good at communicating a specific feeling, and how it is often very difficult to categorize a piece of artwork as either realistic or abstract. Sometimes artwork falls somewhere in the middle!

Our selected definition word served as inspiration and guidance throughout our art making process. Each of us tried to refer back to our inspiration word as much as possible when making decisions about the lines, shapes, colors, and patterns to use in our artwork.

What messages and feelings about home do you see in our artwork?